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Please join us for a Guided Mountain Meditation and a gentle stroll in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. While in the forest we will move our energy (Forest Bathe) with breathing deeply, inhaling LIFE, JOY AND PEACE, EXHALING NEGATIVE ENERGY . We discuss the importance of slowing down and enjoying the sounds of silence. While in the forest I will take you on a guided mediation encouraging you to release the stress within and recharge in nature.

During our Forest Bathe (moving our energy) Mountain Meditation we rediscover our natural senses and learn of the healing properties of being around water and among the fauna and flora. Find peace while enjoying the sounds of the forest during our meditation and light hike. As we leave we will discuss the history of the park and the importance of leaving the forest the way we found it.

Book with us privately or through our Airbnb Smoky Mountain Experiences page.

(276) 619-1114

Forest Bathe Mountain Meditation

2 hours and up (2 Person Minimum)